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The Rituals

The Rituals

Rebecca Roberts

A heartfelt novel exploring what it means to be human when we are at our most vulnerable

"This book about learning to love oneself will both sadden and gladden the heart, so prepare for lots of tears as well as uplifting surges of joy." Jon Gower

Gwawr, secular celebrant, single and in her thirties, knows all too well how life can change in an instant. Well practiced at keeping her composure, she keeps on smiling, even though her own life is falling apart behind the scenes. A victim of online sabotage, an unknown perpetrator is trying to destroy Gwawr and her business. Prone to unwise relationships, we follow her as she becomes hopelessly embroiled with an attractive client, thwarts the advances of another, and tries to survive as her business dries up and her money runs out. All while finding a way to acknowledge her own, very private, grief.

This is a tale of friendship, love, unbearable loss and how we overcome the dark depths to find the light again. We all carry secrets and sometimes only solidarity and the trust of another will unlock them.

"A highly entertaining and surprising novel, expertly treading the fine line between tragedy and comedy - Rebecca Roberts has a distinct, memorable voice." Fflur Dafydd

Publication Date


28 September 2023


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