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The Queen of Romance

The Queen of Romance

Liz Jones

The first biography of the bestselling
author and journalist Marguerite Jervis

During the course of her 60-year career, Marguerite Florence Laura Jervis (1886-1964) published over 150 books, with 11 novels adapted for film, including The Pleasure Garden (1925), the directorial debut of Alfred Hitchcock.

In her heyday, she sold hundreds of thousands of novels; she wrote for newspapers, women’s magazines and the silent movie screen; she married one of Wales’ most controversial literary figures, Caradoc Evans. She was an actress, a theatrical impresario, and one of the most successful novelists of her time, but now she is largely forgotten.

Known variously as Mrs Caradoc Evans, Oliver Sandys, Countess Barcynska and by many other pseudonyms, who was she really?

Publication Date


6 May 2021


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