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The House With Old Furniture

The House With Old Furniture

Helen Lewis

A haunting story of loss and forgiveness, trust

Evie has lost her eldest son, Jesse, to inner London gang violence. Leaving the house he was born in is pulling apart the few strings left holding Evie’s heart together. Only the desire to be there for her younger boy, Finn, impels her to West Wales and the house her husband thinks might help heal some of their wounds.

Days later, Andrew is gone – rushing back to his ‘important’ job in government, leaving his grieving wife and son. Finn finds solace in the horse his father buys by way of apology. As does his evasive and fearful new friend, Nye, the one who reminds him and Evie of Jesse. Evie tries to drown her sorrows in housekeeper Alys’ homemade wine. As Evie’s drinking becomes a problem and Finn begins bunking off, Andrew’s parents ride to the rescue and it becomes clear that this is a house they know and know well. They seem to think they own it and begin making changes nobody wants, particularly Alys and Nye, her son, the boy who looks like Jesse and is terrified at loud noises.

Publication Date


20 July 2017


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