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The Heart Remembers

The Heart Remembers

Margaret Redfern

A gripping tale of 14th century Europe

from Venice to the far West of Wales Kazan has left behind everything she knows in search of a mythical minstrel and storyteller - her unmet grandfather, Will the Storyteller. Dai - the Welshman - an adventurer and merchant's man has left behind his terrible childhood of loss and starvation for a life travelling the world's trade routes. Together they have gathered about them a 'family' of strays: runaways, slaves, priests and poets.

After a perilous journey across Anatolia and the Adriatic the friends have reached port. But soon new adventures are pulling them apart. Edgar and Agathi are in the Fens fighting to right wrongs and put a family estate in better fettle. Blue, Niko and Hatice are in Attaleia building a family of their own. Giles, Kazan and Remi, wait in Ieper for Dai and Thomas who have been detained in Venice by a violent feud not of their making. In 14th century Europe, life is short, hard and sometimes brutal, but love, faith and friendship survive.

Dai and Kazan belong together, but fate is unkind and their journeys hazardous…

Publication Date


15 October 2015


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