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The Fault

The Fault

Kitty Sewell

Chilling thriller set on Gibraltar

17-year-old Mimi has joined her engineering prodigy brother and his diving-instructor fiancée Eva in Gibraltar. Sebastian is leading an exciting and innovative project building a new city on the sheerest face of the Rock. They each struggle to adjust to their new lives together discovering that below Gibraltar’s façade of Britishness is a deeper layer of peculiarities and mystique; it’s a place of mixed traditions which mistrusts outsiders.

Mimi enters into a romantic entanglement with an ex-priest twice her age, a man Sebastian considers a sinister predator. Eva is hiding a secret that might endanger not just her relationship but her very life. Sebastian, torn between dreams of greatness and an urge to rescue his sister, attempts to control his family’s complex interdependence until a violent death shatters everything…

From the Rock there is no escape.

Publication Date


18 July 2019


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