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Lipstick Eyebrows

Lipstick Eyebrows


Bold and brilliant contemporary short stories from new and rising women authors from Wales

Chosen for their contemporary edge in both setting and story, this collection reflects the lives of contemporary women of mixed age and background.

The collection hosts an all-female cast covering themes of travel, arrival, change, reconciliation, departures, estrangement, death, survival and the intricacies of women's lives.

Stories included: Kate Waddon: Wild Romances, Carolyn Thomas: The King of the Fairies, Gosia Buzzanca: Summer's End, Silvia Rose: By the Water's Edge, Naomi Paulus: Lipstick Eyebrows, Julie Primon: Something about weddings, Tracey Rhys: Pearls Before Swine, Chinyere Chukwude-Okeh: To buy an expensive dream, Ellen Davies: Scab

Publication Date


16 November 2023


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