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Fall River

Fall River

Meredith Miller

A mesmerising small-town drama packed with intrigue

‘There is the river, always, inhabited and inhabiting, a susurration through bodies, minds, and landscape in Miller’s gorgeous prose.’ Elaine Canning

One young woman disappears as another returns. Alice has turned to the river looking to drown the voices in her head. Khadija has come home to uncover the terrible history hidden beneath its surface. The London train screeches by while the rest of the town is still asleep along the banks of the Tamar. They’ll wake up that morning to find that everything, and nothing, has changed. Sooner or later, the river pulls them all. Sooner or later, someone falls...

A story of friendship and love, Miller crafts an unfolding psychological mystery, blending lyrical storytelling with a cast of strong female characters.

‘A masterful and devastating exploration of the ties binding a small town together.’ Carole Hailey

Publication Date


21 March 2024


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