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Ellen, Countess of Castle Howel

Ellen, Countess of Castle Howel

Anna Maria Bennett

36th volume of the Welsh Women’s Classics series

Marked by the sometimes scandalous life experiences of its author, Ellen, Countess of Castle Howel (1794) is an insightful, often humorous look at Wales, and Britain, at a time of changing social norms and attitudes. Raised in relative seclusion in Wales, where she is preyed on by a corrupt English lord, Ellen marries Lord Castle Howel, a wealthy, older man, in order to save her grandparents’ ancient estate. Transplanted to London, accompanied by her indefatigable Welsh maid, Winifred, Ellen’s innocence about the workings of fashionable society brings about a separation from her husband and the loss of her reputation. Following a dash to the north of England, where she gives birth to her son, she is reunited with her husband and her good name is restored. When Lord Castle Howel is killed in a riding accident, Ellen returns to Wales and sees her and her family’s fortunes transformed.

Publication Date


18 April 2024


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