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Crow Face, Doll Face

Crow Face, Doll Face

Carly Holmes

An uncanny, brooding tale of domestic disturbances, dysfunctional families, flawed mothers, and unfulfilled dreams

“Beautifully written, tender and terrifying.” UNA MANNION

Annie surrendered her fantasy of travelling the world, settled instead for marrying her beloved Peter and becoming a mother.

When her two youngest daughters – her Crow Face and her Doll Face – perform a seemingly impossible act of levitation at a family picnic, Annie realises that they are truly extraordinary. Magical. And it’s her role to protect them. With growing paranoia and a bitter fatalism, she spirits her daughters away from their home and the wreck of her marriage. But she commits a terrible, unthinkable, unmotherly act on the way.

“I can’t think of anyone who’s currently writing more assuredly, or more enjoyably, in the fantastical tradition of Angela Carter, Emma Tennant and Elizabeth Bowen.” STEVE DUFFY

“Deliciously unsettling… delicately peels away the layers of ordinary family life to reveal dark truths underneath.” CATRIN KEAN

“Unflinching in its authentic and raw portrayal of the complexities of motherhood.” PHILIPPA HOLLOWAY

Publication Date


12 October 2023


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