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Back Home

Back Home

Bethan Darwin

Winner of the Pure Gold Libraries award.

Ellie has fallen in love with a high-flying City lawyer, but when her heart gets broken there s not much choice but to decamp from their illicit 5 star love-nest in Primrose Hill to the rather more humdrum confines of her grandad Trevor's house in Clapham. Finding herself back home isn't all bad. Ellie can always hit the backpacker trail again, or maybe find a job she enjoys enough to stick at the solicitor's office she's temping in this time is trying to help people keep their kids, or a roof over their heads, not launch a corporate raid on the City. And it s lovely spending time with Trevor, drinking tea from real china cups, swapping wine tips with her mum, or sorting out her best friend Gina's torrid love life.But just when it looks like everything is shaping up tickety-boo , there's a knock on the door that turns Trevor's world upside down and takes them all back to the Welsh Valleys in wartime...


'Poignant, funny, sexy. A modern woman's romantic confession, alongside a cleverly unfolding story of long-buried family secrets.' - Abigail Bosanko

'Lively, fresh and warm-hearted- an easy-going and enjoyable read.'
- Nia Wyn, author of Blue Sky July

'Back Home makes for an undemanding read in a single sitting, a favourite way to forget the nasty real world.' - Trish Simpson-Davis,

'An unusual marriage of chick lit and something more literary. 'Back Home' is a good read and I shall be fascinated to see which way forward this versatile writer chooses to take.' --- Suzy Ceulan Hughes,

Publication Date


19 March 2009


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