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Hilary Shepherd

A poignant, compassionate glimpse into the life of a child caught in a country at war

Spain in the 1930s. Nine-year-old Albi runs messages for people. He likes to help out, especially now that his country is at war with itself. He is a go-between. However, life becomes difficult when he misunderstands what it is the adults want, what it is they want from him. When his brother and papa become involved with the maquis(militia) and the Guardia (nationalists) begin reprisals, Albi struggles to make sense of who is on the right side. The Civil War fought on the hillsides and in the homes he thought he knew is turning everything upside down. His family are under siege from outside and held captive by secrets within the home. Albi must sometimes close his ears and his eyes if he is to survive.

The secrets he keeps haunt him until his 88th year, long after the end of a war that has shaped generations of Spaniards.

Publication Date


19 April 2018


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