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A Wedding at Cafe Lompar

A Wedding at Cafe Lompar

Anna & Jacqui Burns

The happy ending is just the beginning...

Mother and daughter, Grace and Kat, have found their dream lives in beautiful Montenegro. Kat is head chef at the Café Lompar and engaged to her beloved Milo. Grace loves dividing her time between the Café and home in Bath with Neil. But in the sunshine, storms start to gather: wedding preparations show Kat a side of Milo she didn’t know, Neil wants more from Grace than a long-distance relationship, and the new restaurant next door to the Café Lompar seems ruthlessly determined to steal Kat’s customers and staff.

With everything on the line - love, work and family - Kat and Grace make mistakes and must decide what they really want. Will there be a wedding at all? Will the café survive? Both women will find that dreams are worth fighting for.

Publication Date


23 July 2022


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