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Kathy Biggs Signs Next Novel with Honno

Author of The Luck will be publishing her second novel this June

Kathy Biggs Signs Next Novel with Honno

Honno is excited to announce that we have signed Kathy Biggs’ second novel Scrap. A pacy story that follows Mackie, foster-carer to his two grand-daughters, and working in a scrap yard. One day he finds a young boy with clairvoyant powers, seemingly abandoned in an old Merc and suddenly life gets a lot more interesting.

Set in a Swansea scrapyard during a July heatwave, Scrap is a story about how broken people can be mended. Over the course of a fortnight, the lives of the scrap workers are transformed from poverty and hardship to something full of hope for the future.

Funny, disturbing, real, devastating and unexpected, this is a truly original and very imaginative book that will have you crying both with laughter and sadness in equal measure.

Kathy Biggs is originally from Yorkshire. She took a summer job in Mid Wales in 1985 - and never left. She has two grown children and lives with her husband, Paul. After studying a number of Creative Writing courses linked to Aberystwyth University, she discovered a talent for writing. In October 2022 she published her first novel, an American family saga The Luck. Scrap will be her second title published with Honno.

Scrap will land on shelves in June 2023.

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