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Judith Barrow's Latest Book is Live

Sisters, the seventh Honno title by Judith Barrow, hits the shelves today

Judith Barrow's Latest Book is Live

Sisters is the "emotive and gripping" story of Angie and Lisa, torn about in their childhood by a terrible lie. Judith Barrow has woven a moving tale of jealousy, love, anger and revenge that will delight fans of The Memory and The Heart Stone and enthrall new readers.

"Another absorbing and thought-provoking creation," Sisters asks the question what do you owe a family that has betrayed you, whilst exploring the dark family secrets and trauma we keep behind closed doors.

Sisters is "a tale with characters that linger in your mind," and already a favourite among Barrow's fans. New readers will be delighted to discover Barrow's other titles available in paperback and eBook from most good retailers.

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