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Honno signs new book by Stevie Davies

Honno is excited to announce that we have signed prize-winning author Stevie Davies’ next novel Earthly Creatures

Honno signs new book by Stevie Davies

From one of Wales’ most prolific contemporary novelists, Earthly Creatures is a compelling story of German women’s resistance to Nazism, a viewpoint often underexplored in Second World War fiction.

When she is called up for Nazi War Labour Service, idealistic bookworm Magdalena Arber—who veers wildly between fidelity to indoctrinated Nazi beliefs and her father’s humanist values—is elated to embark on the chance to be sent east and begin her new role shaping young minds as a village school-teacher.

She enters a lush rural world of forests, lakes, and meadows where the semblance of order prevails. Yet there are monstrous hands out to shape the whole continuum of earthly creatures, human and animal. As the war nears its apocalyptic end, and she joins the German flight west from the Soviet army, can Magda and her principles survive?

"Stevie Davies deftly explores the incomprehensible in this jaw-dropping novel of humanity conflicted in the horrors of war.” Rebecca Parfitt - Commissioning Editor, Honno

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