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The Honno Staff

Helena Earnshaw, Marketing Manager

Helena has been passionate about books all of her life and has worked variously as an online editor for a human rights organisation, on a database of library design, as well as co-editing Here We Stand:women changing the world for Honno. She is a semi-vegan, feminist, gardener. Loves to walk the hills, especially with her family. Her favourite book is usually the current one… First book love was Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea Trilogy, and she still reads a lot of female SF writers.



Ali Greeley, Finance Officer

As the most recent member of the team, Ali was very glad the opportunity
arose  to work for a feminist publishing company and to meet some brilliant women. She has been amazed at the wealth of experience, creativity and knowledge of the Honno team.  Ali loves to learn, have new experiences and be creative – rowing across the Irish Sea, triathlons with open water swimming, completing a BA and MA in Fine Art whilst working, learning to throw a pot (on the wheel, not at the wall in frustration, although it’s been pretty close at times!), learning to sing in public, playing her oboe…



Caroline Oakley, Editor and Publisher

Caroline has worked in general trade publishing for over thirty years and has edited a number of award winning and bestselling authors. When not working she likes to walk in the woods, make her own clothes, grown her own food and clear up after her housemates (all seven of whom have four legs). If pushed she will say that her favourite non-Honno book is Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman (or maybe Stig of the Dump or The Just So Stories or Black & Blue or The Ballad of Lee Cotton etc, etc).


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