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Strike for a Kingdom

Strike for a Kingdom

Menna Gallie

An innovative narrative – a mix of ‘poet’s novel’ and ‘whodunnit’

Cilhendre’s annual August carnival is disturbed by the discovery of the corpse of the local colliery manager. Murder in their midst causes the villagers’ loyalties to be stretched to their limits. Torn between the miners’ cause and a desire for justice, the people turn to local JP and miner’s butty DJ Williams. DJ finds himself in conflict with Inspector Evans, a policeman who has turned his back on his Welsh roots. Adding to the tumult the body of a stillborn child is discovered nearby. Why should one death pass almost unnoticed and the other prompt disruption to a whole community? The answer to this mystery is rooted in the history and culture of the South Wales valleys in the early 20th century.

Strike for a Kingdom is the first of Menna Gallie’s six novels and was shortlisted on original publication for the CWA crime novel of the year.

First brought back into print by Honno in 2003 Temporarily out of print and now BACK IN PRINT UNDER THE NEW WELSH WOMEN’S CLASSICS BRANDING

Publication Date


31 October 2019


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