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In a Foreign Country

In a Foreign Country

Hilary Shepherd

Even in your father's house you can feel like an outsider...

Recently graduated, Anne is in Ghana for the first time. Her father, Dick, has been working up country for an NGO since his daughter was a small child. They no longer really know each other.

A few days into her six-month stay, the houseboy Moses returns from a trip. As the weeks pass, Anne has a growing feeling that she's surplus to requirements. Dick is grumpy and distant; Moses distinctly put out at her continued presence. She finds respite teaching eager young pupils at a local Catholic school. Then, out of the blue, a terrible accident changes everything.

In its aftermath, Anne's closeness to a priest in trouble with his superiors at the Mission, reaches a tipping point that endangers them both.


'Intelligent, subtle and sensitive... I was conscious throughout of the author's deft control and understatement. Less was definitely more, and what she chose to omit, as well as what she included, made it a much greater book... a thought-provoking, absorbing and rewarding read, which I highly recommended.' - Debbie Young (Debbie Young's Writing Life)

'Will leave you thinking about the characters after you put it down, and wanting more as you read the last words…[Shepherd's] future as an author looks bright' --- GWales

Publication Date


20 March 2014


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