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God's Children

God's Children

Mabli Roberts

A fascinating fictional account of the
disintegration of a personality

Kate Marsden: nurse, intrepid adventurer, saviour of the lepers … or … devious manipulator, immoral and dishonest? As she lies on her deathbed visited by the ghosts of her past, who should we believe, Kate or those who accuse her of duplicity? Memory is a fickle thing: recollections may be frozen in time or distorted by the mirror of wishful thinking. Kate’s own story is one of incredible achievements, illicit love affairs and desperate longing; those of her accusers paint a very different portrait – of a woman determined on fame and fortune. The reader navigates a narrative as fractured as the Siberian ice Kate crosses in search of a cure for leprosy, and as beautiful as Rose, her lost love, as the full picture of a life lived when women were not expected to break the mould emerges.

Publication Date


11 April 2019


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