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Eden's Garden

Eden's Garden

Juliet Greenwood

A charming, intriguing story

2011 Carys agrees, with mixed feelings, to look after her mother after a fall. This decision unsettles everything - her job, her plans, her relationship with Jack. Once home she is drawn back into village life, into her family history hidden in the attic, and into the history of Plas Eden, the ramshackle great house that was so much part of her childhood. Where, at 18 she forced herself to say goodbye to David Meredith. How will she feel when they meet again?


'a wonderful, scrumptious read...' - Sharon, Magical Musings (

'this story covers multiple generations of a woman's struggle and heartache with a deft touch. Sensual and romantic, the story swept me away with its strong female characters... It is filled with Welsh charm and romance, and delights with a sweet, lovingly tended story that leaves the reader deeply satisfied' - Nadine Galinsky Feldman (

'don't hesitate to immerse yourself in this delightful, intriguing tale which unravels family secrets' - Claire McAlpine, Word by Word

'this powerful and moving story of two deeply creative women, separated by time but both struggling to balance the conflicting demands of family duty and the desire for freedom, held me gripped until the final family mystery was resolved and the entirely satisfying resolution reached.' - Trisha Ashley

'A great romantic read and also a very atmospheric, ingenious mystery.' - Margaret James, Writing Magazine

'Beautiful writing and a charming, intriguing story.' - Sue Moorcroft

'Juliet's characters are so believable and richly drawn - the reader really cares what happens to them...' --- Anne Bennett

Publication Date


15 March 2012


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