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New Extract Available

Take a sneak peak at winter thriller Tiding...

New Extract Available

Publishing on 12 January 2023, discover a chilling mystery from author Siân Collins. Download an extract of the book now.


A coming-of-age murder mystery exploring death, the afterlife and memory.

During the Great Freeze of 1963, Eleanor O’Dowd, a middle-aged piano teacher, is found bludgeoned to death. As the freeze takes hold, there is a brutal reckoning for the residents of Glanmorfa, who are caught in the grip of an ancient curse. Or so it appears to the vicar’s daughter, Daphne Morgan, who finds herself engulfed in the currents of the adult world and mysteries far deeper than she expected in this chilling story about the power of imagination.

Set in the fictional Carmarthenshire town of Glanmorfa, Collins draws inspiration from her own childhood to craft a masterful tale exploring how children can sometimes become victims of adult power.

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