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Challenging Conventions

Honno signs Vulcana by Rebecca F. John

Challenging Conventions

Honno is excited to announce that we will be publishing Vulcana – an epic, fictional retelling of the life of Victorian strongwoman, Kate Williams – on 4th May 2023. Vulcana is the fourth adult fiction novel from Rebecca F. John and explores how Kate Williams challenged contemporary perceptions of beauty and femininity. John’s writing is “utterly immersive, gripping and heartfelt,” and fans of her previous title Fannie will be captivated by this new book.

“An extraordinary memoir of an amazing woman living a bold and unconventional life made this an absolute dream of a book for Honno's feminist heart.” Rebecca Parfitt, Commissioning Editor

A story rich with unconventional love and passion, Vulcana promises to tantalise the imagination of readers as they follow Kate’s journey from Wales, aged sixteen, to countries across the world as one of the greatest strongwomen in Victorian history.

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