Affirming the core values and changing the look of an organisation – particularly one as iconic and long-lived as Honno – was a daunting prospect. Had I known quite what it would entail I may never have ventured on that path!

Honno's first leaflet

Honno’s first leaflet

Honno was set up with four core aims

  • to provide a feminist perspective
  • to give Welsh women writers an opportunity to see their work published
  • to get earlier important, but neglected, writing by Welsh women back into print
  • to provide employment  in publishing for women in Wales.

Coming up to our 30th anniversary and aware of the changing nature of publishing, bookselling and our demographic we felt that it would be a good idea to check that these were still our aims and that we were fulfilling them.

We loved our logo (read how it came about here) but felt that it was time to  freshen up our look.

We talked to everyone we could, including our readers, shareholders, authors and committee, to find out what people thought of Honno. The results were always interesting – gratifying in places, surprising in others. Generally though, the consensus chimed with what we thought we were doing, and what we had set out to do. We confirmed our aim to be an inspiring, feminist, Welsh press providing opportunities for women writers and out of this sprang our strapline – great women, great writing, great stories.

Having confirmed our intent we then looked at some rebranding ideas and new website designs. Many suggestions later we found a look we all loved – reflecting the history of our original logo, but updating it. We also went back to our original purple (we had detoured somewhat into pink) but with a less 70s tint to it.

Honno logo

The new Honno logo

One thing I have learnt from the last year of looking at what Honno stands for is that there are a lot of people out there who are passionate about what we do, and our contribution to the social, political and cultural life and literature of Wales and beyond. As well as the great stories we publish, in all forms.

You will find all our books of course on the new site, as well as any events we are holding. We have added a new blog with monthly articles on different aspects of writing and publishing. There will be other new features, including the option to have a book gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient, with more to come as the website unrolls over the coming months.

We hope you love our new look and our new website, showing the best of writing from Welsh women, past and present.

Helena Earnshaw and all at Honno