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Out of print

A list of titles previously published by Honno, but no longer in print.

Ar fy Myw
Hwyl a helynt, gorfoledd a galar menywod o bob oed ac o bob cwr o Gymru. Pum ysgrif fuddugol cystadleuaeth a thameidiau blasus eraill: am hipis Llandeilo, am genhadu ym Madagascar, am fywydau – cyfa…
(Anthology, ed.Manon Rhys) ( 1989) £4.50

Buwch ar y Lein
In these lively diaries we catch a glimpse of the many facets of the dizzy social life of the London Welsh of the 1950s and 60s.
(Hafina Clwyd) ( 1987)  £3.95

Catwomen from Hell
For some wickedness is pleasure, for some it is power, and for some it is sheer survival.Contemporary short stories.
(Anthology, ed.Janet Thomas) ( 2000) £7.99

Children of Rebecca
Set against the turbulent background of the Rebecca Riots a story of separation, political turmoil and back-breaking poverty but also love and fulfilment.
(Vivien A Bailey) ( 1995)  £6.95

Clare and Effie
Moving into her grandmother’s big old house in Swansea, the young artist Clare uncovers a secret, and opens up a whole new future for herself.
(Merryn Williams) ( 1996)  £3.95

Dancing in Circles
The magic of an ancient stone circle is unlocked in the quiet village of Glasmaen.
(Julia Hawkes-Moore) ( 1995) £6.95

Dangerous Women
A collection of poems focusing on the experiences and attitudes of one woman in today’s society.
(PennyAnne Windsor) ( 1988) £3.95

A collection of thought-provoking contemporary poems by many of Wales’ foremost women poets.
(Anthology, ed.Jude Brigley) ( 1990) £3.95

Hacio (Cyfres Cled)
Daw Ceri a Moi adre o’r ysgol un diwrnod i glywed bod eu tad wedi cael ei arestio; mae’r banc lle mae’n gweithio wedi gyhuddo o ddwyn dros filiwn o bunnoedd.
(Malorie Blackman) ( 1998)  £4.50

Helynt y Twll yn y Wall (Cyfres Cled)
“Teclyn-ddyn” yw enw Ffiffi – neu Ffion, a rhoi ei henw iawn iddi – ar ei thad am ei fod yn dyfeision pob math o bethau rhyfedd, yn cynnwys Pecynnau Ysbio a bisgedi sy’n ffrwydro!
(Malorie Blackman) ( 1999)  £3.95

Ice Trap
Dafydd Woodruff’s life is about to be blown apart by the arrival of unexpected news.He takes an extraordinary journey back to sub-arctic Canada to confront his demons.
(Kitty Sewell) (2005)  £6.99

Like Oranges
‘Full of optimism and lovely rhythms.’ – Guardian
(PennyAnne Windsor) ( 1989) £3.95

A fascinating first novel following the lives and loves of six girls from the days of beatniks to the eve of the millennium.
(Jacqueline Jacques) ( 1997) £6.95

Luminous and Forlorn: Contemporary Short Stories By Women From Wales
Honno’s first collection of short stories and winner of the Raymond Williams award.
(Anthology, ed.Elin ap Hywel) ( 1994)  £6.95

Mirror Mirror
25 new short stories by women from Wales, including stories by Patricia Duncker, Jo Mazelis, Jenny Sullivan, and Nia Williams, writing on the theme of ” The Other Woman…”
(Anthology, ed.Patricia Duncker, Janet Thomas) ( 2004) £7.99

Morphine and Dolly Mixtures
A true and compelling story of an eleven-year-old girl who, after her mother died of a brain tumour, was left in charge of three younger brothers and a baby sister.
(Carol-Ann Courtney) ( 1989)  £4.50

Morphine and Dolly Mixtures
A true and compelling story of an eleven-year-old girl who, after her mother died of a brain tumour, was left in charge of three younger brothers and a baby sister.
(Carol-Ann Courtney) ( 1989) £8.95

Mwy nag Aur (Cyfres Cled)
Un o’r ychydig bethau oedd gan Tracey, Lisa a Sam yn gyffredin oedd eu bod ill tri yn edrych ymlaen yn fawr at y trip ysgol i hen gloddfeydd aur Dolaucothi.
(Meinir Wyn Edwards) ( 1995) £2.95

Not Singing Exactly
Women awake to all sorts of realisations which change their lives in this inspiring short story collection.
(Siân James) ( 1996)  £6.95

On my Life
(Anthology, ed.Leigh Verrill-Rhys) ( 1989)  £4.50

O’r Iawn ryw
Yn O’r Iawn Ryw ceir gwaith beirdd profiadol a rhai newydd, a’r cyfan yn cydasio’n flodeugerdd gyffrous ac amrywiol.
(Anthology, ed.Menna Elfyn) ( 1992)  £4.50

Established authors such as Jenny Sullivan, Clare Morgan and Nia Willams join with new writers in this inspirational second collection of stories from Honno.
(Anthology, ed.Elin ap Hywel) ( 1998)  £7.95

Pwtyn and Pwtan Go To School
The two cheeky hamsters, Pwtyn and Pwtan, plot a day of adventure from their cage and go on an exciting day to school.
(Alys Jones) ( 2001) £4.95

Pwtyn and Pwtan Meet
A funny, action-packed story about Pwtyn the hamster; full of friendship and adventure.
(Alys Jones) ( 2002) £4.95

Pwtyn Escapes
The first of Alys Jones’ exciting tales following the adventures of Pwtyn the hamster.
(Alys Jones) (1998) £4.95

Skin Deep
What if scientists had discovered how to transplant brains into new bodies ? A playful and terrifying thriller.
(Jacqueline Jacques) ( 2004) £6.99

Songs of Silence
Divided by forty years, Rhodri, a hill farmer and poet, and Owen, a doctor on sick leave from his London practice, are living on different parts of the same mountain in Wales but are they listening?
(Patricia Barrie) ( 1999) £6.95

A Fantasy quest novel suitable for young adults from 12-17 years
(Anne Lewis) ( 2001) £7.99

Summer Shadows
A touching novel of heartbreak and hope by this award winning novelist.
(Siân James) ( 2004)  £6.99

The Night Garden
PJ, a fiercely determined teenage girl coping with her own epilepsy and family troubles, discovers a new world on her nightly escapades into her neighbours’ forbidden gardens.
(Jenny Marlowe) ( 2000) £4.99

The Ship that Fell Like a Star
Is it a sign, a weapon or a terrible secret? A gripping fantasy advernture from the award-winning author of Who’s Afraid of the Bwgan Wood?
(Anne Lewis) ( 2002) £5.99

The Woman Who Loved Cucumbers
A collection of 22 short stories of food as sin, sex, ritual and revenge by new and established women writers from Wales.
(Anthology, ed.Patricia Duncker, Janet Thomas) ( 2002) £7.99

This Was A Small Death
This moving sequence of poems wrestles with the death of the poet’s baby son through sudden infant death syndrome
(Janet Dubé) ( 1997)  £3.95

The twin pulls of motherhood and independence are explored through the central figure of the vixen in Glenda Beagan’s first collection of poems.
(Glenda Beagan) ( 1996)  £5.95

YT and His Holiness
After a drunken fall down the stairs, Laura drifts in and out of consciousness for three days. This is her story, told with uncompromising honesty and savage anger.
(Jennifer Rhead) ( 1998) £6.95

Moving between familiar and foreign worlds, this is a stunning story of first love paralysed by old mysteries and half-understood hatreds.
(Renée Smith) ( 1996) £6.95