Here are Lovers


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Here are Lovers

By Hilda Vaughan

Edited by Diana Wallace

"Personal ambition, political upheaval and sexual passion are the themes through which Hilda Vaughan sets out to illuminate the mores and prejudices of two distinctly different classes of Welshness... a closely considered and intense examination of the female consciousness struggling to define itself in a hostile environment." Clare Morgan, Times Literary Supplement

Fiction, Welsh Women's Classics



‘A little tragedy… of two races and two traditions.’


When the beautiful and bookish squire’s daughter, Laetitia Wingfield, meets impoverished would-be scholar Gronwy Griffiths, it seems as if both their romantic dreams could come true. But in the turbulence of 1866 and the Second Reform Bill, the gulf between rich and poor is all but impassable, and as Gronwy is the son of a Welsh farmer, a tenant of Laetitia’s Anglicised father, any relationship between the two seems doomed. As personal and political attitudes harden on both sides, events begin to veer dangerously out of control.

In this ironic analysis of the dangers of romanticism Hilda Vaughan captures the tedium of life for a Victorian young lady and explores the tensions between class, gender and nationality in this divided Welsh and English society.


Born in Builth Wells, Hilda Vaughan (1892-1985) published ten novels, two plays and a number of short stories, the majority of which are set in Wales. This new edition of Here Are Lovers includes an introduction by Diana Wallace, Professor of English Literature at the University of Glamorgan.


Here are Lovers is the twentieth publication in the Welsh Women’s Classics series, originally the Honno Classics series, an imprint that brings books in English by women writers from Wales, long since out of print, to a new generation of readers.


"one of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors and it’s published by one of my favourite independent publishers... Much more than a tale of star-crossed lovers, 'Here Are Lovers' is a razor-sharp dissection of power and politics: the power of patriarchy over women; of wealthy men over the impoverished; of the English squirearchy over the Welsh peasantry. A terrible struggle is chronicled in its pages – a struggle in which both sides suffer. It is against the background of this universal tragedy that the tragedy of the two lovers is played out in a story told with sensitivity and compassion... It’s a beautifully written book, with some memorable characters and a compelling story, and I absolutely loved it."
Lucienne Boyce

ISBN: 9781906784447
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Welsh Women's Classics
First Published by Honno: 18th September 2012

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