Losing Timo

By Linda Baxter

'I cannot commend this collection enough; to read it is indeed a profoundly moving experience' Menna Elfyn

Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction, Poetry



"You bury him down there, you put trees around him, you write a book about him. You do all these things but it does not bring him back. This is all you really want"

London: in the early hours of June 18th 1999, Timo Baxter and a friend are walking home. On Hungerford Bridge they are accosted by muggers, beaten unconscious and thrown into the Thames.  Timo's friend survives the attack; Timo does not.

Timo –  a thoughtful, peaceful young man – had been due to start studying law that September. The trial of the six defendants accused of his murder, whose ages ranged from 14 to 21, lasted for two and a half months. The jury returned an unanimous verdict of guilty on all six. The adults were given life sentences; the juveniles detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

This haunting account by Timo's mother Linda Baxter tells the story of what happened after the terrible night of his death. Counterpointing prose of great emotional restraint with blazingly candid poetry, she draws an achingly honest picture of the Baxters' slow-burning grief at the savage and senseless death of their only child.



ISBN: 9781870206662
Language: English
Categories: Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction, Poetry
First Published by Honno: 29th September 2004

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