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By Jane Fraser

Fiction, Forthcoming Titles, Historical fiction, Novels



Love, duty or freedom – which will she choose?

1904: Ellen has returned to her Gower village from the hustle and bustle of Hoboken, New Jersey. News of her father’s increasing frailty has brought her reluctantly home. Her younger twin brothers are hoping that she can talk some sense into the increasingly drink sodden subsistence farmer. As the weeks and months pass Ellen’s own history and the issues that led to her departure for the USA are revealed. She is a modern woman making her way in the new 20th century and isn’t prepared to sacrifice herself to the expectations of duty and tradition.

Advent is Ellen’s story and the story of a generation of young women who finally began to take hold of the reins of their own lives, not bowing down to their menfolk and staying tied to home and hearth in spite of their own desires and ambitions.

ISBN: 9781912905263
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Forthcoming Titles, Historical fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 21st January 2021

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