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Safe World Gone

Safe World Gone

Short stories by women from Wales

Edited by Janet Thomas, Patricia Dunker

Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories



It all started so harmlessly...

What would it take to change your world? Could you talk to a stranger, knock on your neighbour's door, revisit an old lover or take a new one, find out who your father was, buy a magic potion, break into a house, get revenge?

These stories all hinge on the turning point - the moment when everything changes. The moment someone said yes - or said no - reached out to another person, took the thing they most wanted, set off round the world.

This exciting, diverse anthology - including work by Patricia Dunker, Jenny Sullivan, Sarah Jackman, Jo Verity, Lara Clough and Ruth Joseph - is funny, shocking, angry and heartbreaking, but in all the stories the safe world was gone...

ISBN: 9781870206778
Language: English
Categories: Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories
First Published by Honno: 1st January 2017

Contributors: Alexandra North, Angela Rigby, Barbara McGaughey, Brenda Curtis, Cal Walters, Carolyn Lewis, Dahlian Kirby, Imogen Rhia Herrad, Janet Thomas, Jenny Sullivan, Jo Verity, Lara Clough, Laura Morris, Lesley Coburn, Leslie Phillips, Linda Baxter, Melanie Mauthner, Nicola Daly, Patricia Ace, Penny Simpson, Ruth Joseph, Sarah Jackman, Sarah Todd Taylor, Stephanie Tillotson, Sue Coffey, Sue Morgan, Vanessa Gebbie

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