Of Sons and Stars


Catherine Merriman’s second collection of short stories, following Silly Mothers.
I would say this author was born to write‘ – Lynne Reid Banks.

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Of Sons and Stars

By Catherine Merriman

"Catherine Merriman's characters live for us through her skill and sympathy... her stories are for everyone, female or (especially) male." Iron magazine

Fiction, Short Stories



"Judith was undressing on Friday night in front of her bedroom mirror when she realized - with a shock that momentarily paralyzed her - that she had become invisible..."

Bikers partying in a remote mountain pub; an Englishman in search of mustard in a quiet Welsh village; a housewife whose ordinary life suddenly turns very strange indeed - Catherine Merriman's stories take everyday reality and give it a twist and a spin, transforming it into something bright, shiny and with a definite edge.


"I would say this author is born to write!
Lynne Reid Banks

ISBN: 9781870206273
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Short Stories
First Published by Honno: 1st October 1997

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