Cut on the Bias


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Cut on the Bias

Edited by Stephanie Tillotson

'Reading these stories is better than shopping!' Nicola Heywood-Thomas, Presenter, Radio Wales Arts Show

Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories



'...I've never really been able to wear, to choose, to decide what to put on, what goes with what. I wish I were a nun, or a transvestite, they always know what to wear, don't they? They're well turned out, fair play.'

Clothes aren't just what keeps us warm - they paint the picture we want others to see... They throw us into the shadows or put us in the spotlight... They can bring us into disrepute, they can bring us fame and fortune. They're still as fun and as dangerous, cuddly and harsh as they were when they came out of childhood's dressing up box.

In 'Ed' a young woman casts off the cares of the past along with an old cardie, in 'Black Cherries' an outsider's wardrobe is a treasure trove of forbidden temptation, in 'A Handbag to Die For' wht you wish for isn't always good for you. Cut on the Bias brings together a wide variety of fictions and voices that shines a surprising light on the bits we use to cover our modesty and keep us warm.


"From haute couture to granny-knit, there's plenty to please in all shapes and sizes."
Trish Simpson-Davis,

"I can marvel at the inventiveness of these 25 women writers from Wales, who fashion their stories around clothes and come up with a whole department store of a book."
Steve Dube, Western Mail

ISBN: 9781906784133
Language: English
Categories: Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories
First Published by Honno: 21st January 2010

Contributors: Alys Conran, Barbara McGaughey, Carys Green, Christine Harrison, Claudia Rapport, Daisy Golding, Debbie Moon, Eloise Williams, Hilary Bowers, Hilary Cooper, Jean Lyon, Jenny Henn, Jo Lloyd, Joanna Piesse, Kerry Steed, Lindsay Ashford, Lorraine Jenkin, Rebecca Lees, Rin Simpson, Sarah Taylor, Stephanie Tillotson, Sue Coffey, Sue Fortune, Suzy Ceulan Hughes, Yasmin Ali

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