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Beguiling Miss Bennet

Beguiling Miss Bennet

Edited by Caroline Oakley, Lindsay Ashford

Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories



Beguiling Miss Bennet reveals the secret lives that continue behind the scenes at Pemberley, Mansfield Park and elsewhere in England once Jane Austen puts down her pen...


if you've ever wished that you could dance with Mr Darcy, be whisked off your feet by Mr Wickham or indulge in gossip with the daring Dashwood sisters this the volume for you...the third collection of tales shortlisted for the Chawton House Library Short Story Award. The twenty stories take as their inspiration minor characters from the famous novels and lesser known works and turn them into heroes and heroines for a new generation.

Award winner, 'The Wedding Planner' takes the characters from Austen's novella Lady Susan and transports them to the 21st century. Other stories focus on the less well known of the Bennet sisters,Kitty and Lydia, and of deceased Mary Price, sister to Fanny. There are tales of George Wickham and Charlotte Collins. Some are contemporary to Austen others contemporary to current readers. All are an intriguing insight into the inner lives of one of our most loved authors' best loved works.


Foreword: Gillian Dow of Chawton House Library
ISBN: 9781909983304
Language: English
Categories: Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories
First Published by Honno: 20th August 2015

Contributors: Anne Thomas, Clare Girvan, Deirdre Maher, Eithne Cullen, Elisabeth Lenckos, Emily Ruth Verona, Fiona Skepper, Janet Lee, Jocelyn Watson, L E Yates, Leslie McMurty, Marian Ford, Mary Fitzpatrick, Marybeth Ihle, Pamela Holmes, Price W Grisham, Sandy Norris, Sarah Baillie, Sarah Shaw, Susan Piper

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