All Shall be Well


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All Shall Be Well, 25at25, is an outstanding anthology of twenty-five short stories and non-fiction pieces selected to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Honno, Welsh Women's Press.

They have been chosen from the many anthologies published by Honno since its beginnings in 1987.

Together they reveal the wonderful depth of storytelling and give a window onto the lives, experiences and creativity of Welsh women writers.

The stories take us into other worlds - the secret life of a lonely cleaner, young girls making perfume on a summer's day, French lovers desperate to escape their mother, a holiday in the Med where perfect skin is not the only answer. The non-fiction ranges from the horrors of Belsen, as seem at first hand by a Welsh nurse, to remote Bardsey Island, from the swinging sixties to the trials of a mother seeking a career in the clergy.

Classic Welsh authors Brenda Chamberlain and Bertha Thomas also appear to complete a line-up which should fascinate and enteratin well beyond the next quarter of a century.


Wales Book of the Month June 2012

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