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A View Across the Valley

A View Across the Valley

Stories by Women from Wales c.1850 - 1950

By Allen Raine

Edited by Jane Aaron

Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories, Welsh Women's Classics



Twenty short stories by women writers, reflecting their realities, dreams and personal images of Wales - from the industrial communities of the south to the hinterlands of the rural west and the border country of east Wales.

This rich and diverse collection provides an opportunity for the modern reader to discover a lost tradition of English-language storytelling by women from Wales, for most of the stories it includes have never been republished since their first appearance in print. As well as being entertaining - and often moving - in themselves, the stories demonstrate how late nineteenth and early twentieth century women contributed to the development of Welsh culture and identity, although their contribution has since been forgotten.

The volume also includes a general introduction, and biographical and textual notes on each author and text. Jane Aaron, Emeritus Professor of Literature at the University of South Wales, is a renowned expert on Welsh women’s writing.

A View Across the Valley is the second publication in the Welsh Women’s Classics series, an imprint that brings out-of-print books in English by women writers from Wales to a new generation of readers. First published by Honno in 1999, with several editions since.

ISBN: 9781909983885
Language: English
Categories: Anthology, Fiction, Short Stories, Welsh Women's Classics
First Published by Honno: 17th January 2019

Contributors: Allen Raine, Alys Mallt Williams, Anne Beale, Bertha Thomas, Brenda Chamberlain, Dilys Rowe, Dorothy Edwards, Eiluned Lewis, Ellen Lloyd-Williams, Gwyneth Vaughan, Hilda Vaughan, Jeanette Marks, Kathleen Freeman, Margiad Evans, Mary Webb, Nansi Powell Price, Rhian Roberts, Sara Maria Saunders, Siân Evans

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