You’re Welcome to Ulster

By Menna Gallie

Edited by Angela V. John, Claire Connolly

" A striking novel, 'You're Welcome to Ulster' is a significant and exciting text" Planet

Fiction, Novels, Welsh Women's Classics



One of the very first novels to confront The Troubles in Northern Ireland, this compelling story also reflects the bid for sexual freedom of the late 1960s.

Sarah Thomas has a life-threatening illness and decides that it is time for what might be her last holiday and opportunity to revisit old friends and a lover in Ulster. Unwittingly her visit coincides with the Twelfth of July. From the moment she drives off in her hired Mini, Sarah becomes entwined with the deepening political crisis that is enveloping Northern Ireland and even impinging on her native Wales.

You’re Welcome to Ulster brings a uniquely Welsh perspective to the unfolding tragedy and its causes and is written with Menna Gallie’s customary wit, verve and insight.


" A striking novel, 'You're Welcome to Ulster' is a significant and exciting text... helps to reassert Menna Gallie's position in the Welsh literary canon and offers readers and scholars a fascinating and complex text with which to engage."

" of the very first dramatizing the Troubles, and all the more worthwhile due to its pan-Celtic, wry, and first-hand perspective"
John L Murphy, Fionnchu (

"...a fascinating double perspective on political agitation in both Wales and Northern Ireland.... Gallie uses a love story through which to portray and critique the mores, political and religious, of Ulster's Protestants and Catholics but also to describe how these look through a Welsh lens." Angela Graham, writer and broadcaster

Foreword: Claire Connolly, Angela V. John
ISBN: 9781906784195
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels, Welsh Women's Classics
First Published by Honno: 16th September 2010

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