Winter Sonata


Young clerk Arnold Nettle arrives in a small village as summer fades. Repulsed by his crude working-class landlady he becomes enamoured of the respectable Neran family, who have their own difficulties…

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Winter Sonata

By Dorothy Edwards

Edited by Claire Flay

"...the reader has the sense that no word has been written carelessly, every phase considered by the author.... A richly rewarding reading experience, Winter Sonata is more complex than it might at first appear." HeavenAli

Fiction, Novels, Welsh Women's Classics



Arnold Nettle, a shy young telegraph clerk, arrives in an English village as summer fades, hoping that a season in the country will aid his frail disposition. Repulsed by the behaviour of his working-class landlady and her brood, especially the bold and flirtatious Pauline, Nettle becomes enamoured with Olivia Neran and her respectable middle-class family. But even this privileged home is not free from difficulty; Olivia is being suffocated by her role as a gentlewoman, while her sister Eleanor is confronted with the gender inequality that dominates her society.

First published in 1928 and well received by author David Garnett and his circle, this novel sees Dorothy Edwards delineate class and gender boundaries with a deft hand, using the unique device of structuring the work by imitating a musical form.

ISBN: 9781906784294
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels, Welsh Women's Classics
First Published by Honno: 15th September 2011

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