Thicker Than Water

By Bethan Darwin

"Thicker Than Water by Bethan Darwin was one of those books that kept me firmly planted on the sofa all day while the rest of the world went about its business" JB Johnston, Brook Cottage Books

Fiction, Novels



Some secrets take their time to travel home

Gareth Maddox has his own successful Cardiff Bay law firm, a clever and talented wife and four perfectly imperfect children. Then along comes Cassandra Taylor, managing director of a Canadian shirt company wanting to set up a major manufacturing plant in the Welsh valley Gareth hails from. It seems like the kind of work he will excel at and an ideal way to see the valley pull back from joblessness and despair.

Back at the end of the Great War, in the wake of a community splitting strike, Gareth’s Great-Great-Uncle Idris sailed off to Canada in search of his fortune and a new way of life. Behind him Idris left his twin Tommy and Maggie, Tommy’s wife, who shared her childhood and much else besides with both brothers.

Decades later, Maggie’s secret life is revealed – and for Gareth nothing may ever be quite as it was before Perfect Ltd came to Wales.


" Bethan Darwin describes the family in an authentic and sometimes humorous way that portrays real life and reveals the complexities of families... To say I was drawn to the characters and their lives is an understatement..."
Judith Barrow

"Thicker Than Water is a story filled with stunning sadness. There are many good and meaningful moments as well, but life isn't perfect and Bethan Darwin describes it in an honest and realistic way. Her scenes are raw and emotional, which for me was what I loved the most about this book. The ending is surprising and I had a lump in my throat while I was reading the final chapters. I really enjoyed reading this book, from the first sentence to the last, and highly recommend it"
Suze, With Love For Books

"If you want a book that will teach you a bit of history, transport you to a foreign land, make you laugh, shock you a little, provide a little spice and completely enthrall, I really suggest you get this one!"
Andrea, A Chance To Blog

" Bethan Darwin has beautifully captured the wonderful chaotic lifestyle of two career people. Their four children add a wonderful realistic element to the story with all of them having unique personalities, all adding something to the book. Even the dog has a great personality!"
JB Johnston, Brook Cottage Books

ISBN: 9781909983465
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 18th August 2016

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