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The Memory

The Memory

By Judith Barrow

"The Memory is a book that is both powerful and moving, exquisitely penetrating. I am drawn in, empathising so intensely with Irene that I feel every twinge of her frustration, resentment, utter weariness and abiding love." Thorne Moore

Fiction, Novels



Mother and daughter tied together by shame and secrecy, love and hate.

‘I wait by the bed. I move into her line of vision and it’s as though we’re watching one another, my mother and me; two women - trapped.’

Today has been a long time coming. Irene sits at her mother’s side waiting for the right moment, for the point at which she will know she is doing the right thing by Rose.

Rose was Irene’s little sister, an unwanted embarrassment to their mother Lilian but a treasure to Irene. Rose died thirty years ago, when she was eight, and nobody has talked about the circumstances of her death since. But Irene knows what she saw. Over the course of 24 hours their moving and tragic story is revealed – a story of love and duty, betrayal and loss – as Irene rediscovers the past and finds hope for the future.


The new novel from the bestselling author of the Howarth family saga:

"Judith Barrow has written, with great intensity of emotions, an absorbing saga which charges along, tempting the reader from chapter to chapter."

"... gives the reader a great insight into life during the 60's and also how life was different within familes then" Boon's Bookcase


"Judith Barrow's greatest strength is her understanding of her characters and the times in which they live; The Memory is a poignant tale of love and hate in which you will feel every emotion experienced by Irene."
Terry Tyler

"an intense and gripping account of familial tension, love, loss and desperation... ‘The Memory’ is a masterpiece, deserving at least a sequel."
Sally Spedding

"What a powerful story! Compelling, unputdownable... A profound portrayal of how life’s events sweep people along, often against their will and especially if they follow their hearts. Above all, The Memory is about life and death - all aspects of it - and ultimately, the redemptive power of love."
Alex Martin

ISBN: 9781912905133
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 19th March 2020

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