The Illusion of Innocence


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The Illusion of Innocence

By Jacqueline Jacques

"...a gripping emotional tale with intriguing, well-developed characters, and I found myself reading 'just one more chapter' a number of times..." Rachel Carney, Created to Read

Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels



Three people on a crowded train, brought there by the same crime. Archie Price, painter and police artist, blessed with a photographic memory, is travelling to Chelmsford to testify in a murder trial. The accused, Freddie Porter, is under police escort in the guard’s van. Freddie’s sister, Polly, is desperately trying to escape her brother’s gang before they realise what she’s done, unaware he’s on the same train.


When the locomotive is derailed, Archie and Polly are injured, and put up by the same local family while they recover.  Where is Freddie? Polly is so terrified she is driven to desperate measures and Archie finds himself being drawn into her nightmare...


Also in the Archie Price series, The Colours of Corruption:


‘A historical thriller that is as rich in emotional depth as it is ingenious in plot’ Michelle Spring

Welsh Independent Bookshops Book of the Month, November 2015


"The flow and pacing of this novel were wonderfully done... The author is new to me, but I'm quite sure this won't be the last book I read by Jacqueline Jacques."

"The author did a fantastic job of creating an engaging story and I hope that she writes more featuring these characters... I recommend this book for readers who love historical mysteries that offer something a little different from the norm of the genre."
Girl Lost In a Book

"enjoyable and exciting"
Bill Spence, Yorkshire Gazette & Herald

"...a good read. It's enjoyable, well-researched, and demands that the reader consider one of those small bits of history that would easily be forgotten."
Dwell in Possibility

"I was caught off guard by the fiery narrative. Perfect amount of mystery, thrills and suspense mingled with a light romance undertone. Fantastic ending."
Raven Haired Girl

ISBN: 9781909983373
Language: English
Categories: Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 5th November 2015

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