The Heart Stone

By Judith Barrow

"Jessie is a heroine I rooted for all the way. She is a survivor who never gives up." Juliet Greenwood

Featured, Fiction, Novels, Saga



1914. Everything changes for Jessie on a day trip to Blackpool. She realises her feelings for Arthur are far more than friendship. And just as they are travelling home, war is declared.

Arthur lies about his age to join his Pals Regiment. Jessie’s widowed mother is so frightened, she agrees to marry Amos Morgan. Only Jessie can see how vicious he is. When he turns on her, Arthur’s mother is the only person to help her, the two women drawn together by Jessie’s deepest secret.

Facing a desperate choice between love and safety, will Jessie trust the right people? Can she learn to trust herself?


‘Heart-rending but uplifting’ Helen Carey

‘Judith Barrow joins my list of favourite authors’ Anne Marie Brear

‘I defy any reader not to be deeply moved by Jessie’s resilience and spirit’ Sally Spedding

'I have completely devoured this book, it has been completely addictive and I have adored it. This book should be on the TBR and has definitely converted me as a fan of this author.' littlemissbooklover87

'For fans of romance this would be a highly enjoyable read.... The strength of this novel lies really in the portrayal of women and their response to adversity.' BookerTalk

ISBN: 9781912905270
Language: English
Categories: Featured, Fiction, Novels, Saga
First Published by Honno: 18th February 2021

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