The Heart Stone

By Judith Barrow

Fiction, Forthcoming Titles, Novels, Saga


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1914 - and everything changes for Jessie. She realises her true feelings for her childhood friend, Arthur just as war is declared. Arthur and Jessie promise to wait for each other but with Arthur far away, their love leaves Jessie with a desperate secret. Faced with a desperate choice between love and safety, Jessie must fight for survival, whatever the cost.


‘Heart-rending but uplifting’ Helen Carey

‘Jessie is a heroine I rooted for all the way. She is a survivor who never gives up, doing her best to keep her son safe and to make a good life for him’ Juliet Greenwood

‘Judith Barrow joins my list of favourite authors’ Anne Marie Brear

‘I defy any reader not to be deeply moved by Jessie’s resilience and spirit’ Sally Spedding

ISBN: 9781912905270
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Forthcoming Titles, Novels, Saga
First Published by Honno: 18th February 2021

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