The Great Lie


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The Great Lie

A Nicholas Talbot Adventure (No. 1)

By M. Stanford-Smith

"a tremendous ride through the swirl and bustle of Elizabethan life." Emma Rea, New Welsh Review

Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels



Kit Marlowe

England’s finest poet, killed in a tavern brawl, his talent lost to the nation


Nick Talbot

An unproven youth, torn between a life on the stage and following in his father’s military footsteps


Together they bring about a daring conspiracy…

The Great Lie


Nick Talbot catches the eye of playwright Christopher Marlowe and finds himself drawn into a world of espionage and politics that he little suspected existed behind the cut and thrust of the Elizabethan stage. It propels him into a whirlwind career taking in the Rose, Shakespeare’s rise to fame, the ailing Queen and her spymaster Robert Cecil, and, ultimately, an assassination attempt on the life of the heir to the throne…


The Great Lie

The first in a dramatic series of historical novels of daring and enterprise



"a very enjoyable historical yarn. For a debut novel, this is a considerable achievement."
Derrick Smith, South Wales Argus

"The period springs so vividly to life. The colours, sights and sounds of Shakespeare's times take you straight to the heart of Elizabethan England. The action is magnificently paced and so compulsive -- what a marvellous achievement for a first novel -- it is thoroughly engrossing, and holds the reader constantly, through the believable characters -- and what a splendid idea for the main plot!"
Peter Halliwell

"For a debut novel, this is a considerable achievement, with believable characters, well researched period detail, and bursts of action and adventure. Hopefully the following two books in the trilogy will maintain this high standard."
Amazon Review

"Not many first books are a must-read but this one is - and with the promise of more to come. Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy. The author is a producer of Shakespeare plays as well, and what she doesn't know about her period probably isn't worth knowing. And she can write too - lively believable characters, great plot building on an old literary controversy, and very moreish backdrops in her settings - Elizabethan London, Venice, the Scottish court, and the dangers for travellers and traders crossing the Alps. Lots of detail and great pace."
Mandi A

ISBN: 9781906784164
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 17th June 2010

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