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There are some things in life you'll never forget - or forgive - that mean flinging your plum suede kitten heels into a bag and leaving without a backward glance...and most of your wardrobe.

For Rosamund it was the sight of her boyfriend making love to her swine of a sister in front of the fridge. She's nowhere to go but the Welsh Marches and her old schoolfriend Gloria - after all, she could hardly run home to mum.

But if Ros thought the City was full of intrigue and betrayal, it's got nothing on Kings Newton. Before she knows it, she's up to her eyes in trouble with the testily pre-nuptial Gloria, planning floral subterfuge with a camp and gossipy colleague, and covering for all and sundry in a desperate attempt to survive the battle between the swoon-inducing lord of the manor and his unruly townsfolk.

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