The Captain’s Wife


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A novel set in nineteenth-century Pembrokeshire - first published in 1943

This is a novel about Lettice Peters, the 'captain's wife' of the title, who has travelled the world on her husband's ships but has now settled with her children in the little cathedral town of 'St Idris' in Pembrokeshire.

The coastline, farms, saint-haunted hills, cathedral, and market cross of 'the village that boasts itself a city' are unforgettably evoked in this atmospheric and poignant novel.

Written during the Second World War, The Captain's Wife looks back nostalgically on a period, sixty years before, when the rhythms of traditional Welsh culture were still intact, though losses and tragedies were still a part of women's daily lives.


  • You can find out more about Eiluned Lewis on the website created by  her family, with recollections and memories from her life. 

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