Something Must be Done


Set in South Wales in the 1930s, this is a powerful story told with the lightness of touch and warmth of the Ealing comedies.

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Something Must be Done

A bittersweet novel of a 1930s Valleys childhood

By Dora Beale Polk

Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels



"As a girl, I used to worry what I'd say if I, Davidia Williams, had to swear
on the witness stand to tell nothing but the truth."

This vivid recreation of the 1930s South Wales Valleys, centres on a daughter's attempts to protect her father. Viddie's tin-plate work father is determined to make London and the Royal Family understand the desperate poverty in South Wales. Viddie helps him write letters, make the first phone call of his life, and organise a protest march. When Edward VIII finally comes to Wales, her father's desperation drives him to take a wild risk. Only his daughter can see how dangerous the plan really is.

A powerful story about the poverty, desperation and humour of South Wales in the 1930s, told with the lightness of touch and warmth of the Ealing comedies.

ISBN: 9781870206563
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 1st July 2003

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