Sea of Troubles: A Nicholas Talbot Adventure


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Sea of Troubles: A Nicholas Talbot Adventure

By M. Stanford-Smith

Never for a moment does Stanford-Smith allow her characters to lack credibility. This is an action-packed historical adventure by a masterful story-teller." Norma Penfold,

Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels



Nick Talbot

Is heartbroken – his family home burned to the ground and the love of his life married to another. Added to which, his passion for the stage has made him the mainspring of the theatre’s greatest ever conspiracy…


Kit Marlowe

Tucked away in Verona – according to history a dead man – continues to write his wondrous plays to be performed at the Globe in the name of Will Shakespeare.


‘…a sea of troubles…’

A youth no longer, Nick has responsibilities to many – Queen Elizabeth; Robert Cecil, her spymaster; his growing business and domestic problems; and, above all, Christopher Marlowe. His ability to seek out trouble is unerring and he won’t always prevail…

Welsh Books Council Book of the Month July 2011


"The second book in a series often disappoints, but not in this case. The author has built on the characters and adventure of the first book, The Great Lie, to capture her audience and draw them in to yet another exciting adventure. Her descriptions of the smell of London and the elegance of Venice in this period are some of the most captivating descriptions that I have read. Her sea battles equally compare with some of the best written. All in all a book to be recommended"
G Coates

A most enjoyable historical adventure. This book is well written and researched and is very easy reading. The plot is gripping and at parts it was difficult to put the book down. I recommend it thoroughly and hope you enjoy it as much I did.
Amazon Review

ISBN: 781906784270
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 16th June 2011

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