Persons Living or Dead

By Nia Williams

Award-winning & listed, Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Novels


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It all begins with a move from central London to rural Lincolnshire. But Jayne finds swapping her urban semi for a cottage in the grounds of a hospital for the criminally insane isn’t the stuff of dreams. She prefers to lose herself in the black-and-white fantasy of 1950s musicals, the soundtrack to her relationship with her ‘lost’ husband. 

But Jayne’s mother-in-law, Gill, won’t allow her to wallow in self-pity. As they dig deeper into the abandoned garden behind the cottage, Gill bares her soul and begins to reveal the truth about her missing son’s background. Living with insanity might be dangerous, but living with secrets is worse.

Longlisted for the Wales Book of the Year Award 2006.



ISBN: 9781870206716
Language: English
Categories: Award-winning & listed, Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 7th September 2005

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