Pattern of Shadows


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Pattern of Shadows

By Judith Barrow

"Judith Barrow has written, with great intensity of emotions, an absorbing saga which charges along, tempting the reader from chapter to chapter." Beryl Thomas,

Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels, Romance, Saga


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Mary is a nursing sister at a Lancashire prison camp for the housing and treatment of German POWs. Life at work is difficult but fulfilling; life at home a constant round of arguments – often prompted by her fly-by-night sister, Ellen, the apple of her shorttempered father's eye. Then Frank turns up at the house one night – a guard at the camp, he's been watching Mary for weeks – and won't leave until she agrees to walk out with him.

Frank Shuttleworth is a difficult man to love and it's not long before Mary gives him his marching orders. But Shuttleworth won't take no for an answer and the gossips are eager for their next victim, for the least hint at fraternization with the enemy.

Now, not only Mary's happiness but her very life is threatened by the most dangerous of wartime secrets…

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" Judith Barrow has not written an ordinary romance but a book that deals with important issues which are still relevant today... an excellent debut novel and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading."
Fenella Miller, Historical Novels Review

"Barrow beautifully evokes those raw and edgy days with this well-paced, gritty love story"
Steve Dube, Western Mail

"thoughtful and atmospheric"
Lancashire Evening Post

"The tension builds cleverly and the many threads in this rich mix of well-drawn characters and imminent dangers, combined with the strong sense of the deprivations and darkness of the wartime period, come together to create a gripping read."
Tivy-side Advertiser

"I really enjoyed the story and the ending had an unexpected revalation which was a delight."
Rosie Amber (

"An unforgettable debut novel - perfectly paced."
Menna Elfyn

"No ordinary love story; not only does Judith Barrow perfectly evoke a sense of time and place, but she deftly weaves in issues that speak across generations… An intelligent, poignant first novel brimming with intricate observations of the human condition"
Jan Fortune-Wood

ISBN: 9781906784058
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels, Romance, Saga
First Published by Honno: 20th May 2010

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