Not Funny, Not Clever


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He was looking at her, she could feel it, but kept

her eyes on the horizon.

“It’s okay, you know’, he said.

‘What is?’

He skimmed her leg with his finger-tips. ‘This is’


Two middle-aged women, one handsome tv star and three hormonal teenagers – all stuck in the middle of a heatwave and with nothing planned. Elizabeth was hoping for a week of idle chatter and cold white wine, not being minder to a hoodie.  Diane for an answer to a puzzling and difficult dilemma from her personal agony aunt and not being preached at.  … Jordan, well, he certainly wasn’t planning on spending a sizzling week with a woman almost old enough to be his gran. But that’s life and now they’ve all got to make the best of it. A week can be a flash in the pan or a lifetime, depending on how you look at it….


Jo Verity is a Richard and Judy Short Story Award Winner

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