Nansi Lovell


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Nansi Lovell

Hunangofiant Hen Sipsi

Edited by Rosanne Reeves

“Nansi Lovell is one of the most interesting Welsh novels I have read.” North Wales Bookshop owner

Clasuron Honno, Fiction, Llyfrau Cymraeg / Welsh Books, Novels



Elena Puw Morgan writing as Elena Puw Davies

An unconventional novel recounting the trials and tribulations of a matriarchal Romani family, based on the author’s relationship with, and knowledge of their way of life dating back to the era of the renowned Abram Wood, gathered during their visits to the outskirts of Corwen, where Elena Puw Morgan lived.

The story takes the form of a letter, written by Nansi Lovell in her old age, in the loneliness of her caravan, to her grand-daughter Nansi Wyn, (brought up in the local Mansion, ignorant of her Romani blood), describing her colourful life in the care of her own grand-mother, Nansi Wood.

The mystery surrounding the tragic death of Nansi Lovell’s parents is the focal point of the story, excarcerbated by the sudden appearances of the wild Alana Lee in her bright red dress on her big white stallion.

The relationship between the members of the tribe is threatened by Madog, the local young landowner, who takes a fancy to Nansi, ensures her a formal education, and eventually they marry.

Her life among the higher echelons of London society clashes with her upbringing, inevitably, events lead to her return to her former life as Queen of her Romani family.

This is the ninth volume in the Clasuron Honno (the Welsh language Welsh Women's Classics) a series that presents forgotten works by Welsh and Welsh authors to a new audience.

Foreword: Mererid Puw Davies and Angharad Puw Davies
ISBN: 9781909983915
Language: Welsh
Categories: Clasuron Honno, Fiction, Llyfrau Cymraeg / Welsh Books, Novels
First Published by Honno: 1st August 2018

Contributors: Angharad Puw Davies, Mererid Puw Davies

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