More than just a Hairdresser

By Nia Pritchard

"Enjoyed it loads. A good juicy read!" Margi Clarke

Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Humour, Novels, Romance


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Tuesday, January 1, 10am

Dear Diary,

Oh my God, I feel totally wrecked. I’ve still got the whirlies. What a Party. It was mint! Fireworks in more ways than one!

Loads of peeps came. Oli – he works for me in Cuts and Curls. Bent as a nine bob note but me best friend and I love him to bits. Me kids: Jason, he’s 16 and Fiona, she’s 14. I think it’s Jason’s friends who are still lying on me living room floor actually…

When Shirley catches Oli’s boyfriend Gus red-handed, arms around devious two-timing Matt, and gets the evidence to prove it, a couple of her clients are keen for a repeat performance. Within weeks she’s on the case of Dave ‘n Mave, looking for clues among the curlers and clinches behind the counter...With her mobile hairdressing business taking off in a new direction, Shirley’s little pink diary is the keeper of surprising secrets…

Sit back and relax, while Shirley and Oli take you on a hilarious journey round Liverpool’s finest, from the girls on the production line to the perky pensioners looking for more than just a blue rinse.



"One to watch" The Bookseller

ISBN: 9781870206853
Language: English
Categories: Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Humour, Novels, Romance
First Published by Honno: 1st November 2007

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