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By Alys Einion

"A powerful and beautifully written story …grippingly claustrophobic" Kit Habianic, author of Until Our Blood is Dry

Fiction, Novels



Today, I will marry the man who raped me…


Amanda has made the biggest decision of her life. She and her two baby boys will fly out to spend the rest of their lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband Muhammed’s family. She’s leaving Wales and her own family behind. A Muslim convert, her faith is strong, this is the right thing to do – Inshallah… But her new life turns out unexpectedly and Amanda begins to question everything she thought true and right. Only the faith and humanity of the women of the family and her good friend Grace, an American also married to a Saudi, offers the support she needs to carry on in the face of Muhammed’s bewildering behaviour.


Try as she might to be a good wife, nothing Amanda does is good enough. When the lives of her children are endangered she must make a bigger decision still, one which puts them all at peril.


‘A powerful and beautifully written story…grippingly claustrophobic’ Kit Habianic, author of Until Our Blood is Dry


‘The compelling story of one woman's extraordinary journey…’ Tiffany Atkinson


"a thoroughly readable novel, set against the seeping damp of Wales and the white heat of Arabia."
Dr Anne Lauppe-Dunbar, New Welsh Review

"The compelling story of one woman's extraordinary journey… by turns gripping, provoking and vividly sensory"
Tiffany Atkinson

ISBN: 9781909983083
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 17th July 2014

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